JUMP Forum participation(s):

Natalie Boudou

Coach and Trainer of Thriving Talent

Natalie is passionate about empowering parents to manage work and home life successfully. She sees Thriving Talent as an important vehicle for improving diversity and inclusion at work and helping organisations retain top talent in times of personal and professional transition.

“Just as the workplace is having to adjust to change and uncertainty, parenthood is another transition which requires, planning, flexibility and a change in mindset. Thriving Talent empowers employees and organisations to embrace that change.”

Natalie works with executives, senior management and leadership teams from a wide range of corporates and international organisations. She is a specialist in the field of resilience at work,  focusing on building individual and team resilience through a multidimensional approach; encompassing the physical, intellectual and emotional dimensions of wellbeing.

Natalie has over 20 years of international business experience in demanding and challenging roles. She started her career as a commercial lawyer specialising in mergers and acquisitions. After several years working in private practice and for Hitachi she relocated from London to Geneva and moved into the field of communications, working in managerial positions for the World Health Organization and a number of international NGOs. Natalie lives near Geneva, with her 2 children and husband and enjoys the nearby lake and mountains.