The JUMP Forum is an annual event in Brussels, Paris & Lyon dedicated to boosting
gender equality at work and advancing women’s careers.


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JUMP Forum in Brussels 2018

March 26, 2019

Digital transformation:
How to turn risk into opportunity for gender equality

How will digital transformation revolutionise business and impact gender equality?
How can organisations build gender balanced teams, given that so few women are trained in STEM*? 
How can they identify internal talent, train women for roles in digital transformation and retain them?
How do we ensure that digital technology and artificial intelligence used to enhance customer experience and employee productivity do not reinforce biases against women?
How can the new way of work be an opportunity for inclusion rather than a risk for well-being?
How can we build an inclusive digital economy and corporate culture?

This JUMP Forum is about helping all companies, whether they are in the tech sector or not,
develop an inclusive approach to digital transformation.
*STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics



Programme under construction

  • 09:30 – 18:30


    Building an inclusive digital economy & corporate culture

    The digital age : a man’s world? How to on-board women in the revolution

    Making digital more human: challenges and opportunities in a world transformed by tech, artificial intelligence and hyper-connectivity

    Women are heroes

    Toolboxes for gender equality

    • Ensuring an ethical workplace in the digital age: tackling artificial intelligence biases, sexism, wellbeing at work
    • Recruiting & retaining women in digital professions: creating a gender-smart culture
    • Seeing with new eyes: understanding privilege and invisible culture

    Skill building workshops

    • Build your digital personal brand & influence through social media
    • Helping women to negotiate their worth
    • Adopt a strategic approach to your career and navigate the unwritten rules at work
    • Dual careers: managing the paradox of flexibility at work
    • Relationship intelligence in the digital workplace
    • Digital detox
    • Reinforce your energy and confidence in periods of stress
    • Inclusive leadership

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Stroobantsstraat 51, 1150 Evere

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