- Isabella Lenarduzzi

My advice so that you make the most of the JUMP Forum

Take a minute to read my advice so that you make the most of the day!

  • Read the messages that precede the event so that you benefit fully from your day. There are some activities that you need to sign up for or that you can prepare for.
  • Complete your profile on the mobile application. Have a look at who will be at the Forum and send an email to the people you want to meet or see again.
  • Do not forget your business cards.
  • Take the time to benefit as much as possible from what’s on offer. This is “you-time”. Try to be at the event from the beginning to the end, despite projects to finish or clashing meeting scheduled for that day.
  • Do not spend your time checking your emails. Enjoy the moment!
  • If you feel that you have made the wrong choice of session, change – even during the session, or leave and do some networking.
  • If you participate in an on-site contest, but you cannot be present at the draw (around 15:30) ask another person to represent you by giving them your business card.
  • The JUMP Forum is a “corporate” event. If its colours, atmosphere and service are considered “feminine”, this does not underplay the quality and the seriousness of the event. Indeed, economic and political environments will only truly be inclusive when women and femininity are valued in the same way as masculinity.
  • After the Forum, send a message to the people you met. Connect on LinkedIn. You can continue to use the list of participants on the mobile application for a whole year after the Forum.
  • Last but not least: the JUMP team will wear a touch of pink… There is no dress code – feel completely free to dress in whatever way makes you feel beautiful!

Women represent 80 to 90% of the participants. We sincerely thank the men who are coming and hope to see more each year: equality in all its forms cannot move forward without your involvement.

Enjoy! Be happy and light-hearted. Do yourself some good, do good onto others. And help the professional world gain in respect and solidarity.

Isabella Lenarduzzi