#BalanceTonPorc #MeToo

Women’s testimonies about the violence they are submitted to should not remain unanswered by companies. Excerpt from the excellent article by @Marie Donzel

“In choosing blindly positive words about gender equality, we have forgotten the issues that women suffer from at work. The first of these issues, even before discrimination, is, undoubtedly, sexist and sexual assault. The direct victims suffer from this in the workplace, but this also creates a sense of insecurity for others. Because it is indeed all about insecurity: it is intolerable when a colleague is injured on a construction site (and we know the collective trauma this creates when it happens), it is intolerable when someone is physically and / or psychologically affected by a dysfunctional management (similar impact on the effects towards the entire working group); in the same way, it is intolerable that one may suffer from harassment and sexual assault at work”

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