- Isabella Lenarduzzi

Smart women make smart financial choices, do you?

Let’s take a look for a moment at your personal finances. Now, don’t run away!

For many of us personal affairs of the fiscal kind have been more complicated than life itself. Perhaps that’s because financial planners need to provide advice in a more “feminine” language. Many women, despite strides in education and in the workplace, simply aren’t as confident and knowledgeable about financial matters as men. Studies show that women don’t find money and investing as interesting as men. Women need specially tailored financial advice!

Fear not, ING together with ELLE has designed financial workshops specifically aimed at women and organised by the Woman’s Academy.

It’s exactly two years ago that the global economic crisis kicked off with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. We have to wonder if events would have been different if women had been running the show. According to research in the US women are relatively risk averse than men and they follow less extreme and more consistent investment styles and trade less than male managers. It is no coincidence that Cherie Blair (wife of former UK PM Tony Blair) is backing a fund that aims to invest in companies with a high number of women in senior roles.

You guessed it… this week’s newsletter focuses on Women in the world of finance. We feature articles on women’s financial careers including and interview with Halla Tómasdóttir and Kristin Pétursdóttir on how they have brought “feminine” values into the world of finance by setting up their own company. Gigi DeVault asks:Why are the numbers of women in hedge funds so small?”. There are articles on gender and finance, financial books, useful tips to get you sorting out your finances and many more. There really is something for everyone.

To get you started on your financial matters try out these five steps from the Glass Hammer. Women may inherently be better investors than men: women know what they do not know!

So it’s time to put that earn-to-burn philosophy behind you and start playing an active role in your own financial future. If you don’t no one else will. Looking forward to seeing you at the next ING Money Workshop.