Sexism in the workplace: enough is enough!

This is it, we have finally gotten there! Thanks to the Weinstein affair, women are finally daring to speak up. And each one of us has 1001 stories to tell. The JUMP Study on Sexism ...

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Breaking Through My Glass Ceiling…Twice

Iwas not born a scientist nor was I born with the knowledge that I would one day be a L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Laureate in France. However, I attained these achievements through maintaining curiosity, ...

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#BalanceTonPorc #MeToo

Women’s testimonies about the violence they are submitted to should not remain unanswered by companies. Excerpt from the excellent article by @Marie Donzel “In choosing blindly positive words about gender equality, we have forgotten ...

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L’égalité professionnelle : un monde à 50/50

L’égalité professionnelle n’est pas une histoire de femmes ni de process. C’est une question de culture inclusive et respectueuse de tous les talents où femmes et hommes ont leur rôle à jouer. Malgré les ...

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The fearless girl

“The fearless girl” was installed on Wall Street on the eve of March 8 by one of the biggest investment funds (State Street Global Advisors) to promote the place of women on boards of directors ...

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Political renewal requires parity

In France, political parties must pay if they do not respect the quotas of women on the electoral rolls. Thus, there are 25% women in Parliament and 27% in the Senate. The new list of ...

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