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Womenomics – Quel est le poids des femmes dans l’économie ?

Quel est le poids des femmes dans l’économie ? La première émission de la série WOMENOMICS répond à cette question avec Isabella Lenarduzzi, la fondatrice de JUMP, qui travaille avec les entreprises pour favoriser l’égalité ...

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How to win the battle for women’s rights

The battle for women's rights is one of the most visible causes of our time. Nothing has inspired me more in the last few years than the women's marches. Nothing inspires me more than when I ...

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Gender Equality: the longest war

Women's history is shaping our identity and gender-based inequality The twentieth century marks a turning point in the emancipation of women. In Europe this movement began in 1900, when married women obtained the ...

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Disuguaglianze di genere in azienda: sfatiamo i miti

Gli svantaggi non iniziano solo con la maternità né rappresentano un mero retaggio del passato, ma continuano a riprodursi, spesso senza che ce ne accorgiamo. Esistono due clichés ricorrenti nei discorsi su donne e ...

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Inclusion Nudge of the Month

Illustrating Biased Judgements and Behavioural Implications This is a ‘Feel the Need’ Inclusion Nudge You can learn more on page 50 in the Inclusion Nudges Guidebook 2nd edition The Challenge Biased, usually unconscious, judgments of ...

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Meer vrouwen aan de top leidt tot betere bedrijven

Meer dan ooit moeten bedrijven inzetten op diversiteit – niet alleen in hun raden van bestuur maar ook in de directiekamers en op alle niveaus van leiding geven. In een exponentieel veranderende wereld is diversiteit ...

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Naomi Alderman on the World That Yielded ‘The Power’

“The Power, ” Naomi Alderman’s recent work of speculative fiction, tackles a freighted question: What would happen in a conventional society if the roles of men and women were flipped, so that women were the ...

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Do it like a Woman

“Feminism is like a tapestry; every woman brings her own thread.” In her book “Do it like a Woman”, Caroline talks about the palpable impact of role models which can “influence academic choices, alter knowledge ...

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