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Political renewal requires parity

In France, political parties must pay if they do not respect the quotas of women on the electoral rolls. Thus, there are 25% women in Parliament and 27% in the Senate. The new list of ...

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Child poverty is the poverty of mothers.

As #VivaForLife closes its doors I would like to share my disappointment in the realisation that if child poverty generates a buzz, no one (or almost no one) denounces the poverty of their mothers and ...

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Sexism fuels violence against women

Sexism is an ideology which makes gender difference a fundamental difference resulting in judgments about intelligence, behaviours, and aptitudes. Sexism is demeaning to women.  JUMP conducted a European survey on more than 3 000 women ...

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Gender Balance, When Men Step Up

Maybe you’re skeptical about what men have to gain from greater gender balance. Maybe you’re reticent to speak up about a sensitive subject. Perhaps you’re wondering how to get more men to join the gender ...

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Mixité, quand les hommes s’engagent

Vous vous demandez ce que vous avez à gagner à davantage de mixité ? Vous hésitez à vous exprimer sur le sujet ? Vous vous interrogez sur la meilleure manière d’encourager les autres hommes à ...

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Hommes, femmes, leadership: mode d’emploi

Les stéréotypes vont bon train et que penser des idées reçues sur le style de pouvoir des femmes ? Sur leurs façons de diriger l’entreprise ? Les femmes seraient moins ambitieuses que les hommes, les ...

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