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Women are still not equal to men yet

Women outnumber men and are better qualified, yet they remain poorer and continue to play a subordinate role in the economy. Why is that ? Women represent more than half of humanity (51% in ...

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How Competent are Diversity & Inclusion Professionals?

There are many people that are passionate about Diversity & Inclusion. But is that enough for effective Diversity & Inclusion professionals? Driving a change initiative throughout an organisation requires a specific skill set. You ...

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Coaching for diversity and inclusion

Deloitte Partner and Executive Coach, Karen Stein, provides practical insights for building inclusive leadership capability, drawing from her experience as the lead of Deloitte Australia’s female partner coaching program. Many organisations are increasing the ...

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Career fear: Driving characteristic of a male-coded workplace

What needs to change in the male-coded workplace? The male-coded workplace is defined by several characteristics that discourage female participation, and career fear is at the heart of it. Our current workplaces were ...

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Développez votre leadership

Face à un environnement de plus en plus complexe, à la pression de la concurrence, à la mise en œuvre de transformations nécessitant un engagement continu des équipes, les entreprises demandent de plus en plus ...

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De Wellness formule

HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR GOOD INTENTIONS INTO RITUALS THAT STICK Only 8% of people realize their good intentions. The rest continue to think that if they keep on dreaming, it will all come day. ...

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Ma réalité augmentée

Que se passe-t-il lorsqu’on demande à un GPS de nous emmener sur la Lune? Il perd tous ses repères! Devant notre plus grande ambition – être soi-même – aucun panneau de signalisation. Dans un ...

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