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Develop your influence to ensure your succes

Just as men, women are ambitious and want to develop their full potential Once again, we have proof of women’s ambition in the latest JUMP survey conducted with Leverage HR on more than 1, 000 career women ...

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Time to stop demonizing unconscious bias training

The discussion around the effectiveness of unconscious bias training is generally polarized into two extreme camps. Those that support it and those that vociferously don’t. There are very occasionally a few voices in the grey ...

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How Men Can Become Better Allies to Women

Women’s conferences and employee resource groups (ERGs) are increasingly inviting men to attend. By creating events aimed at men, they hope to include men in discussions around gender equity in the workplace, and make organizational ...

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De eeuw van de vrouw

De toekomst is bezig en ze is vrouwelijk. Vrouwen en hun rechten vormen de sleutel tot de vooruitgang. Wij denken in Europa nogal snel dat we onze zaken goed geregeld hebben. Het is de rest ...

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Hiding in the Bathroom

“Introverts will love this practical and moving guide to building a career, network, and life you love.” - Susan Cain, author of Quiet  From the marketing guru and host of the popular podcast Hiding ...

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That’s What She Said

First things first: There will be no man shaming in That’s What She Said. A recent Harvard study found that corporate “diversity training” has actually made the gender gap worse—in part because it makes men feel demonized. Women, meanwhile, ...

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Mon féminisme est un féminisme de cheval de Troie

Entrepreneuse sociale, Aurélie Salvaire s’est engagée dans l’accompagnement des femmes pour la construction de leur propre storytelling. Cette Française fondatrice de la plateforme Shiftbalance a publié le livre Balance the world! donnant quelques outils à ...

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