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Free your company from sexism

This guide has been developed for companies and is available for free to help you ensure your organisation is free of sexism. The guide is a folder of 8 cards with 3 ...


Flexible and agile workplaces

Historically, flexible working has evoked a negative perception where employees would be branded as less driven, less achievement-focused or less ambitious. Today, organisations realise that adopting a flexible working policy is critical to ...


Mentoring & Sponsorship

Mentors and sponsors serve different purposes, but their end goal is the same: to support employees in achieving their goals. Mentors are a source of guidance, feedback and support; sponsors are senior leaders with positions ...


How to make your gender equality plan a success

How to build a business approach to gender equality Data-driven & measuring impact: using tools such as benchmarking, metrics and accountability What policies and best practices to implement: looking at equal pay, recruitment ...


How to attract women: best recruitment practices

What are the best sourcing and recruiting methods to ensure workplace diversity?  How can we optimise the hiring process to attract more women? How can we making recruiters, hiring managers, and executives accountable for ...


Equal Pay. What are the obstacles?

Pinpointing the Issue: What keeps companies from paying men and women equally in 2015 ? In this workshop we want to come to a clear understanding of the underlying resistance and obstacles to ...